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Welcome to carol jenkins:media, a blog about media–especially media by and about women and girls and people of color.

This Blog: Media is my family business. Both my father and stepfather were journalists; my daughter is a writer. I spent a full career as a television journalist–anchoring, reporting, producing the news. The highlight was standing outside Nelson Mandela’s home in Soweto the morning after he was released from prison. The sight of him waving to the schoolchildren, skipping along in their brightly-colored uniforms, took my breath away. Impossible to top that–but as funny as life is, being included in the Superman comic, above, was a real thrill.

These days , in addition to developing media projects, I am writing and speaking about the media–as well as advising companies, organizations and individuals on their media needs.

I also continue to speak about the economic status of Black America, based on the book my daughter, Elizabeth Gardner Hines and I wrote about our uncle: Black Titan: A.G.Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire.

We need media that includes everyone’s story–and everyone’s voice.  Thanks for joining me here to help create that media, Carol.

2 responses to “Welcome to carol jenkins:media

  1. Glad to see and hear of your work I was impressed with the Harlem Book Fair presentation like to be kept current in future presentations of this type. You made the correct choice my granddaughter in forever pink and green as I am black and gold. God bless you and keep up the good work.

  2. I really enjoyed The conversation with you and Ms Malvieuax. Wowwww …. wonderful. Caught it on C-Span on Wed nite. You ladies allowed my mind to “travel” beyond the present “Dallas Texan-ness” I’m currently immersed in. REFRESHING. THANK YOU AGAIN … (though born & raised in KC now living in Dallas, I’m sooooo comfortable in NYC… the progressive thinking there … “that’s me”). I’m interested in reading more of your thoughts thru your blog. God Bless. VinzBrown.com

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