The Endangered Black Woman’s Vote

According to Berkeley historian Ruth Rosen, the votes of African American women are endangered in the 2012 election–likely to fall victim to Voter ID efforts. She believes the US needs outside monitoring in November. 
It may have escaped the attention of some that it was the overwhelming vote of Black women that put Barack Obama over the top in 2008. Many may not know either that Black women had the highest percentage of voting among all groups in 2008: 68.8 per cent. (Pew Research Foundation) According to Rosen, the Republicans noticed, and this is at the root of their voter suppression efforts:

“Although the Republican effort is not exactly a secret, few Americans are discussing it with the urgency it deserves. The nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law says that since the start of 2011, 16 states—which account for 214 electoral votes—have passed restrictive voting laws.” Ruth Rosen.

Here’s the link to her story ” Voter Suppression: the ‘Schurick Doctrine’ and the Unravelling of American Democracy”:

I have long been a follower of Faye Anderson’s work on Voter ID (anderson@large). She has a page up on Facebook, The Cost of Freedom, with voter ID requirements for states, an app to use:

More on her very important efforts shortly.

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