Congresswoman Fluke?



We haven’t had much experience in talking about wonderful women keynoters at political conventions-and how a speech catapulted them to higher office-but Sandra Fluke’s performance  this week at DNC2012 is surely one of them.

The object of Rush Limbaugh’s ire and spite when she defended the idea of insurance for contraception did well–better than well–she was dignified, articulate and persuasive. In fact, she may have eclipsed Elizabeth Warren, who followed her on stage.

Limbaugh–in one of the more blatant instances of sexism in media– thought he was attacking, over the course of a week on his radio show, a helpless, defenseless grad student. He had no idea. From the start of her public story Fluke has been formidable. So the question–will the Georgetown Law School grad run for office? In some interviews, that door seemed open:

Asked if her barnstorming speech on Wednesday night was to serve as the springboard for a political career in Congress, she replied: “Maybe, some day, we’ll see, but right now I’m just focused on re-electing our president.” Andrew Gully (AFP)

She has a party ready to run her. Not only did the DNC alter the speaking schedule to make sure Fluke got into prime time, it made the text available:

Sandra Fluke Addresses The DNC In Primetime | RealClearPolitics

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