The Women’s Room?

This piece looking at the challenges women face these days is up now on On The Issues magazine’s website. ( In it I talk about the writer Marilyn French, novelist and Harvard PhD essayist who with Esther Broner, leading light of the Women’s Seder  and Haggadah, a magical ritualist and Gloria Steinem,  the ultimate femenist, activist, writer and I shared a 20+year four-pointed friendship that we called The Coven. We’ve lost Marilyn and Esther, but their impact intensifies. I can only imagine what they would have to say these days!

Where’s The Women’s Room This Year?

by Carol Jenkins

It was my brilliant friend, the writer Marilyn French, who presciently and prodigiously wrote about the war against women in The Women’s Room, her landmark 1977 novel, which opened the populist door to feminist thought. Before she died in 2009 she documented our existence in The History of Women in the World, a four-volume work scaled back from the 10,000 pages she had written about us.

Few wanted to believe when Marilyn published The War Against Women 20 years ago that the systemic and organized resistance to women’s equality in the world …

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Where’s The Women’s Room This Year?

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